john a copley written in a painted cloudy background

Paintings - 2017

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3 pastel barns heavily in shadow casting long shadows across a green lawn
3 in a Row
a red barn surrounded by styalized greenery, with dark patches of red across the barn
two barns separated by a red maple with a foreground of a golden field of wheat
a white three story farm house in a golden field set agains a blue twilight sky
3 Stories
 a red barn next to  second building with a wooden fence across the front of the painting.
Fenced In
a long barn with a white roof  heavily shadowed with 6 windows going across the canvas
6 Windows
a large red barn with red  side buildings with a field of green behind
Back 40
a small stand of green leafy trees on the horizon with a field of gold in the foreground
a geometric rendering of a red barn with a white and silver roof. Triangle shapes are prominent in this painting.
Diamond Barn